Bringing Peace to your Postpartum Journey

I’m Miranda, your postpartum doula and Nanny.

Congratulations on your new little bundle of joy! So, what’s next? Whether this is your first baby or tenth, there is always uncertainty on what to expect after the birth of a child. That is why I am here! I will help you recover along your postpartum journey, and we will answer all of your “What’s next” questions together.


Essential Services

How can i help you?

Postpartum Preparation

Feeling overwhelmed? Need assistance setting up the nursery? Preparing for baby’s arrival is exciting, but can be draining both physically and mentally. Enjoy the rest of your preganancy and let me take on that stress for you!

Daytime Doula and Nanny Support

Now that baby has arrived, you're not just caring for a new life; you're also transforming. From helping you master breastfeeding to being a listening ear when emotions run high, I'll be by your side. We'll navigate the ups and downs of new parenthood together.

Overnight and sleep support

You worked hard all day, so allow me to take the night shift. During this time I will comfort baby when they get restless, take care of light housekeeping, prep meals if necessary, and help sibling back to sleep as well. Finally, everyone can get some quality shut-eye.

"I promise to be there for you, in the ways that you need, during this transformative time. My mission is to fill your postpartum period with growth, healing, and lots of love. Let’s make this journey beautiful, together."
Miranda Fleming
Your Doting Doula

Contact Me

I am here to help you navigate this special time. Let me know if you are ready to schedule your consultation or have any questions and I will get back to you as soon as possible!